Kevin Waldbillig - Registered Psychotherapist -  Change Works Interactive

Kevin Waldbillig

Director of Change Works Interactive

Kevin Waldbillig is a psychotherapist and learning specialist with a genuine passion for helping others. Continuous professional development and lifelong learning are foundational elements of Kevin’s journey.

Kevin’s therapy specializes into two main categories; Personal Counselling & Psychotherapy and Professional Services & Consulting. With 7 years of practice as a registered psychotherapist under his belt, Kevin has proven his ability to consult on both sides, creating a comfortable and confidence-inspiring environment for his clients.

Along with degrees and certificates from a variety of Canadian schools, Kevin is registered with the CRPO. Click below to see all of Kevin’s professional qualifications

As a father, husband and coach; Kevin manages his roles in a very balanced manner while continuing to challenge himself to learn and adapt to various changes in order to serve his clients to the best of his ability.

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