Kevin Waldbillig

Registered Psychotherapist

Kevin Waldbillig is a psychotherapist and learning specialist with a genuine passion for helping others. Continuous professional development and lifelong learning are foundational elements of Kevin’s journey.

With 7 years of practice as a registered psychotherapist under his belt, Kevin has proven his ability to consult with both Personal and Professional Consulting, creating a comfortable and confidence-inspiring environment for his clients.

Along with degrees and certificates from a variety of Canadian schools, Kevin is registered with the CRPO. Check out Kevin’s credentials below.

As a father, husband and coach; Kevin manages his roles in a very balanced manner while continuing to challenge himself to learn and adapt to various changes in order to serve his clients to the best of his ability.


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Professional Credentials

Degrees and certificates from well-known schools across Canada, serve as an example of Kevin’s commitment to constantly expanding his level of knowledge to better serve his clients. His educational credentials paired with registration with the OACCPP and the CRPO, shows that Kevin has the tools, mentality and ability to confidently consult with you.

Licenses & Certifications