Weekender: Story of Addiction & Canada’s Justice System

Sitting in a jail cell in Penetanguishene on a cold evening in January 2017, recovered alcoholic Scott Grandy begins to wonder if his part-time sentence might just be – for him – a death sentence… Weekender tells the story of Scott Grandy and his recovery from addiction as he tries to rebuild his life and … Continue reading Weekender: Story of Addiction & Canada’s Justice System

Dr. Brene Brown: Daring Greatly

Brown explores how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead. She does this by challenging everything we think we know about vulnerability and dispels the widely accepted myth that it is equal to weakness. Instead, she argues that vulnerability is strength and a prerequisite for true connection with … Continue reading Dr. Brene Brown: Daring Greatly

Alfred & Shadow: Emotional Regulation

Alfred is in love. He is also angry, shameful, scared, sad and lonley. His good friend Joy supports him in his constant fight against Shadow. Join the fight! And maybe you will discover something new about your own emotions along the way. This is an educational film about emotions. The script is written by psychologist … Continue reading Alfred & Shadow: Emotional Regulation