In this podcast, we discuss lifestyle choices impacting mental health. Together we highlight social gatherings, face-to-face interactions, physical activity, diet, play, sleep and more! All while relating it back towards patient-tailored approaches for better health in both mental wellness and chronic pain. 

Kevin is a Registered Psychotherapist with CRPO and a career coaching specialist in private practice since 2012. He brings a passion for helping individuals and organizations create ideal and meaningful “road maps” designed to enhance self-awareness, through research and thoughtful decision making. He has worked as a part-time professor with Sheridan College, has been a counsellor and clinician at The University of Toronto, and continues to develop, study and network with many progressive leaders as part of his own learning plan. Kevin presents workshops and learning experiences both virtually and in-person to a variety of audiences related to enhanced self-care, motivation and performance, improving team dynamics and managing conflicts.

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